Jun 14, 2009

Traveling and Buying cheap yarns, crafts material

Have you think about buying cheap yarns and art crafts material while traveling ?
There is many places you can find cheap price.

In United State :
Michaels or Joann : where you can find cheap yarn, and many art crafts, shop is big as supermarket, don't forget to get flyer in the shop entrance, they have many coupons.

Singapore :
1. Spotlight, in dowtown Plaza Singapore, Yarn is not very cheap in this crafts shop, but it's like a supermarket as well, you can find many kinds of art crafts material.

2. Daiso, in Plaza Singapore 4/F, that is a $2 dollar shop, but there are many items of art crafts, price is the cheapest, so I will suggest to look for items in Daiso, then spolight.
3. People's Park , 1 min to China town MRT station, this is local market shop, you may find many art crafts items.

Hong Kong :
There is two place very cheaper for buy yarn, unbeliveable cheap !
1. Fa yuen start, close to MTR Prince Edward station. This street is a local market, must go for travelling, there is only one or two booth selling yarn, yarn only $35 -50 hk dollar for 10 x 40g. Beside of yarn, you may find other interesting thing in here. such as fruits, $30-50 fashion cloths, bags, toys.....

2. Kwai Chung Plaza in MTR Kwai Fong station, local shopping center, 15 mins MTR taking from Kowloon downtown, only one shop selling yarn on the ground floor, price is same as cheap, $35-50 for 10 of 40g yarn, nice and special color. Beside of yarn, this mall has 4 stories, has clothes, bag, cell phones, shoes, foods...., price is even cheaper than Mongkok fa yuen street or Ladies' Market (Tung Choi Street) or Temple Street Night Market. Next to Kwai Chung Plaza, that is Metroplaza, selling brand name items. The two shopping mall, you can spend at least half day in there.

In Japan.
Tokyu-hands, there are many new, update, cute art crafts material, besides of that, it's kind of combine discovery channel shop, brookstone and home depot together, you can see lots of fun things, window shopping also can spend several hours there.
Branches in Shibuya, Shinjuku (inside the Times Square Shopping Centre) and Ikebukero. (All JR Yamanote Line).

In Taiwan :
So easy : they provide workshop, crafts tools, yarn, books for sell.
142 Roosevelt, Sec.2, Taipei (Guting station, Metro)

If you have any place for buying yarn to share, please leave email or comment

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