Jun 23, 2009

Japanese Crafts book - Crocheted Anti- bacteria Wrapping Towel Scrubbers

Book name : Local Popularized Character Eco Tawashi
sachiyo fukao SACHIYO

Make your own crochet wrapping clean towel / cell phone accessory clean towel.

Daruma - (Cafe Kitchen) / Hamanaka - tawashi yarn is a antibeacterial / odor resistant yarn which can crocheted for Japanese tawahi, or magic scrubbers, it's can be used without cleaning form/soup for removing dust. These yarn was super-scratchy acrylic (good for scrubbing), and treated with special silver ions to make it antibacterial.

This book is introduced over 100 crochet patterns of Japanese famous characters, such as clione, namahage, dadacha, hokkaido Bear, yamagata cherries, toyko tower, kanji, crab, momotaro, daruma..........
it's leading you how to make cute feature tawashi (scrubbers), It doesn't waste too much time to create, it's also good as a DIY cup mat or cell-phone decoration.

Now make your own anti-bacteria crafts scrubbers when prevent H1N1 / Swine flu, you might crochet amigurumi with using these yarn as well, go to here to get free crochet pattern.

ISBN - 4529047059 / 9784529047050
This book avaliable in YesAsia , Sasuga
Page : 77
language: Japanese (80% graphic + 20% text)

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