Jun 10, 2009

How to read Japanese Art and Crafts Words

If you japanese crafts lover, Some japanese words are very helpful for searching on the internet.

Amigurumi あみぐるみ means Knitted stuffed toy. Ami - あみ - means crocheted / knited, nuigurumi ぐるみ means stuffed doll.

crochet pattern, free pattern

フェルト means Felt crafts. There are many way of makeing felt products.

ISBN4277430023 ISBN4309280730 ISBN4834722139 ISBN483472557X

Kirigami / Monkiri 切り紙 means paper cut crafts. "kiru" = to cut, "kami" = paper.
Sometimes made when certain folds are made in the paper to make a base, or the model without the cuts in it

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