Nov 25, 2013

Sewing Handcrafts Kindle Case for christmas gift

 I have been Crochet Amigurumi for many years, but I've never made any men style things by crochet. Have you ever made any handcrafts for your male friends / husband / family ? This year, I did make this Kindle case for my husband as a Christmas Gift. I use the material called "Kraft paper Fabric" it's very fun new material, washable, strong enough to get tough wear, texture feels like vintage leather if rug more.
Main material : Black Kraft paper fabric.
Middle material : Wool orange color with pattern.
Strap material : Real Leather

If you would like to make for someone's gift, I share it in my sewing etsy shop. please click here.
This material is lighter than real leather, but durable as leather. If you would like to buy the material, please find me in the new etsy shop, ask me the detail, pattern can be free if purchase material by end of December,2013.


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