Jul 15, 2009

Traveling and Buying yarns, crafts material in Bangkok Thailand

In Bangkok, beside of traveling, most of time we looking for relax and fun thing.

For fun thing : Of course I would look for anything in any place for crocheting and kniting, I found several place where it is selling crafts material and even worth it to spend half day overthere.

Pinn shop : located in several place , The Emporium, Siam Paragon, Robinson, B2S.
Price is fair, the special thing is that there is cafe restaurant inside the shop in World Central Mall. Not only buying crafts material, they also providing felt / crochet/ knit private lesson right away , at the same time, choose your dessert and favor tea relaxing in the afternoon.

Soft Quilt : located in JJ Mall (next to Chatuchak weekend market), the lady speaks simple english but nice, yarn and material is cheap, whole set material for 30cm tall bear just $350 baht(less than US $10) and also selling quilt material. JJ Mall has 7 stories, selling furniture, clothes, it's like a chatuchak market but w/AC . I also tried foot massage on the ground floor, just $180 bahts for one hour with complimentary 10 min shoulder massage.
Travel suggestion : 2 hour in chatuchak market ( maximum spending time for human except thailand people) , then 3 hour in JJ Mall (cooling down body tempeture) and eat local food and massage, then back to chatuchak market for 2 hours , then take MRT(subway) right away.

For relaxation : Massage is a good choice while visiting. There is thousands of massage we can choose in bangkok with low cost, recently, I went a place called "Centella Spa" in Fenix Tower, running by a young couple with full of passion, price is low, only 5-7 mins walk from BTS Prom Phong, there is also tea restaurant on G/F in same building, called "Duc de Praslin Belgium" provide afternoon tea set and chocolate.

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